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agosto 01, 2005

Ingresso grátis para pelados

Liga nois notícia na gringolandia. Tipo museu liberando entrada na faixa pra exposição de arte erótica do século retrasado, isso pra quem tiver o dom de entrar sem roupa, nu, uscambau. Olha a conversa: The Guardian - Voyeurism in Vienna
The Leopold Museum in Vienna has broken new ground with its innovative scheme, currently available to art lovers, of free entry to an exhibition of early 20th-century erotic painting for anyone who turns up naked or wearing a swimsuit, preferably of the skimpy kind. There has been no shortage of takers, although the fact that the Austrian capital is enduring a heatwave has no doubt helped. As well as erotic artworks, the Leopold has gently cooled climate control which combines very nicely with minimal clothing.

Se pam idéia pra repercutir na mídia, agitar museu, arte fora da tela, pagar comédia, uscambau.
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